Note: All rentals must be accompanied with a $250 refundable deposit. (Check only)

Rental Fees:

Training: 1/2 Field – $20 for 1st hour, $10 additional hours 1 Field – $30 for 1st hour, $15 additional hours

Fees are due with each application to secure the upcoming event. Fees are charged per day.

No club may reserve more than 1.5 fields on any weeknight unless fields remain available on the Sunday prior to the subject weeknight.

Painting Fees:

There is a $60 fee to paint fields. Notice should be given at least one week in advance to scheduling@afcmobile.net.


1/2 Field – $40 (2 hours) 1 Field – $60 (2 hours)


Competitive custom rates depending on time and number of fields needed. Contact us for more information: